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lmost every Internet user has a smartphone or tablet. An increasing number of services appear in the form of mobile applications. This trend has been picked up by poker sites as well. Most online poker rooms have phone versions, some of which are as good as desktop applications.

We will tell you how to download a poker game for free on your phone, and consider the best rooms for a smartphone with the features of their software.

How to download a mobile poker game to your phone

Most of the poker apps are designed for Android and iOS devices. You can play from a phone with a different operating system on sites with a browser version of the client.

On Android

The best source for downloading a poker application to your Android smartphone or tablet is the official website. In many countries, it is also the only one, because poker rooms cannot be published in the Play Market.

There are poker apps on Google Play, but they can only be used for play money, not real money.

The installation file of the latest version can be safely downloaded from the website. This algorithm is similar for all rooms: you need to open the main page and click the “Download” button. Some rooms have to go to the “Mobile Poker” section. The browser automatically detects the Android system and starts downloading the file in the appropriate format.

On iOS

Apple and iPad users have more choices. In addition to the official sites, you can download poker rooms from the AppStore. And if there are no games there due to laws, you can use an account with a different country.

Installation from the official website can be done via a link or QR code. Alternatively, the client can be installed via iTunes. Additionally, you will need to give the application permission to run on the device. Detailed instructions on downloading, installing and launching – in a special article about poker on iOS .

The best online poker rooms on your phone

A good application, besides being safe and convenient, has the following characteristics:

  • account management and communication with customer support;
  • built-in or fast checkout in the browser with deposits and withdrawals;
  • a variety of games, both in cash and in tournaments;
  • playing on multiple tables;
  • minimum requirements that fit most devices.

Benefits of mobile poker for money

The main advantage of playing on a mobile is access anywhere where there is Internet. Game applications are convenient and understandable for both beginners and experienced users. Mobile versions of most poker rooms allow you to do without a computer. Their interface is adapted to the platform features: the tables are arranged vertically, the buttons are made large, and the game can be controlled by holding the device in one hand. Of course, the basic functions of the poker client are available in them:

  • check in;
  • deposit and withdrawal of money;
  • customization of the appearance;
  • account information;
  • bonuses and promotions.

Nevertheless, mobile poker for money is only suitable for amateurs. A professional player cannot comfortably run many tables at the same time. Plus, there are no poker support programs for this type of device. And they are an essential tool for most regulars.

Play poker on your phone and PC at the same time

You cannot play simultaneously on a computer and on a phone with the same account. If, during a session on one device, you log into an account on another, the session will switch to a new login. That is, on the first device, the game client will automatically log out of the account.

At the same time, you can change the device at least every session. Some rooms, when entering from a new device, ask for verification using a code that is sent to an email address.

Until recently, mobile poker apps were add-ons to the mainstream. Now phone software can replace PC clients. If before you played poker only on a computer, then in mobile mode you can start by playing for play chips or go down to the limit below. It helps to get used to the interface of the mobile version, which is different from the desktop one.

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